How Jami got her groove back

We have the inside scope here for you on how Jami found cycling, started teaching, life happened, and then how she got her groove back. Life's like that, it ebs and flows. How did you find cycling or yoga? Or maybe you took a break and you're ready to get back to it - we're here when you're ready!

Jami Pasquinelli


I found cycle in 2006 right before I got married.  (As a side note; this was my first marriage and this bit of context will help later on in this story.)   You know, the classic sweating for the wedding type of scenario.  I definitely needed to get rid of the initial 10 lbs you put on when you get comfortable in a relationship. I heard about this “spin” class at my gym.  Believing what everyone said, I put off going because I was absolutely afraid it was going to be the most horrible and crazy workout I ever did.  I wasn’t crazy about exercising at that point in my life to boot, but I bit the bullet and tried it out.  I remember, vividly, how bad my butt hurt after that first time.  It didn’t matter because I was completely in love with it.

Fast forward, I had my daughter about a year later and starting classes again.  It was my saving grace being that I was plagued with postpartum depression and a slew of other issues that come when having a newborn.

Fast, fast forward, I started going to the YMCA by my house and taking cycle classes there.  The instructor noticed my love for it and got me into teaching.  Needless to say, I fell in love with teaching.  The energy I got from my students in class was such a high.

I taught about 3 or 4 years and then life happened, and I got too busy with being a single Mom with a little one and juggling a career.  (As another side note; I got a divorce in between all of the life-ing, Mom-ing, and cycling.)

A few years ago, I was having terrible health issues that seemed to come out of nowhere with no explanations. I could barely walk, and my body was in so much pain every day.  I stopped exercising all together.  After receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, it just seemed to get worse.  Next the eye surgeries came, and so did missing more of my favorite physical activities.

After a few months post-surgery and some lifestyle changes to manage my disease, I started working out again.  First with yoga and walking. Then with cycle.  I remember telling Karyna, that I would love to get back in to teaching again, but I had a long way to go.

With determination and a ton of hard work, I am proud to say I am back in full force and can’t wait to start teaching virtual classes for 412 Cycle!