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Our Yoga Study programs are designed to enhance your existing instructor skills and let you explore your own practice on a deeper level.

Not just for instructor though, anyone can join these programs - even if you aren't a teacher and don't plan on becoming one. Explore and gain knowledge that enhances your own practice.

May 27 & 28 11:30am - 1:30pm

Purposeful Yoga Playlists

You know the classes that you've taken where the music hits just right at all the right times? It doesn't distract you from your practice - but enhances it. That's the art of purposeful playlisting.

Learn how you can create a purposeful playlist that brings the heart of your class to life.

This training is registered for 4 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

June 24 & 25 11:30am - 1:30pm

Cueing Clean Up

Are your cues clear, concise, and to the point? Do your students know exactly what to do when you're teaching based on your words alone? Are you able to weave your theme or dharma talk throughout class? Do student's feel like there's space in their practice for them to explore?

If you feel like you could improve student's experience by

  • saying less to get them into shapes efficiently,
  • providing them space in their practice, and
  • allowing room for dharma talk throughout class,

this is the workshop for you.

We'll look at

  • a clean and clear formula for cueing
  • filler word clean up
  • being comfortable with space/silence
  • integrating dharma and themes throughout class
  • inclusive language
  • how to offer variations without overloading students

This training is registered for 4 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Photo Credit: Ashley Fortune

Teaching Off the Mat

Do you feel like you need to be practicing with your students when you teach? Did your 200 hour training happen virtually and lack the skillset of teaching without practicing? Do you feel uncomfortable when you're not demoing?

This training is made for you.

  • Fine tune your cueing so you can effectively teach without being on the your mat so your focus is shifted 100% to your students.
  • Keep your students safe by having your eyes completely on them during their practice.
  • Help your students’ practices grow exponentially by providing them in the moment verbal adjustments and suggestions.
  • Teach with freedom focused language based on the bodies in front of you.
  • Remove your practice from your students by limiting your demo time.
  • Create dedicated time for your own practice on your mat rather than sharing it with your students during their class.


  • 6 hours of in person training
  • 1 homework assignment
  • Opportunity to teach a community class

This training is registered for 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

August 26 & 27 11:30am - 1:30pm

Hands On Assisting

Do you love when an instructor gives you a hands on assist in class? Do you want to add or bring hands on assisting into classes you lead? This is the workshop for you. We'll:

  • Talk about the fundamentals and types of hands on assisting
  • Speak about proper consent
  • Workshop several common assists for shapes

This training is registered for 4 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

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