Preena Patel

Position:Yoga Instructor
Experience:200 RYT, SoundRide Trained
I have been practicing the asanam (poses) of yoga since I was eight years old, when I would do surya namaskars outside on Sunday mornings. But it was not until ten years later that I connected breath to movement and built mental strength through my yoga practice. Throughout my undergraduate years at the University of Pittsburgh, yoga was there during loneliness, heartbreak, depression, restlessness, and panic. Yoga was also there for me during times of love, friendship, freedom, and play. In searching for safety, security, and stability in my life, I cultivated all of those within myself through my yoga practice. I reunited with my body, my breath, and my mind. I learned to trust myself and reconnected with a culture that I had so often shunned while growing up. Yoga gave me the space to accept myself as I am. I accepted myself as a modern woman, strong enough to be independent in this world but also welcoming to change and compassion from others. Through my teachings and daily actions, I know that no matter what happens, I will have yoga.