Stan Kirsnes

Position:Yoga Instructor
I first took classes in the winter of 2000/01 at the suggestion of a friend to help with neck and back problems stemming from 20+ years of construction. Relief was immediate and I continued with classes until hurricane Ivan flooded Pgh. in 2004. A new job, overtime and travel displaced Yoga practice until 2009 when once again back and neck pain chased me into regular practice. A renewed commitment led to Teacher Training at Third Street Yoga in 2012 where the healing powers of yoga showed themselves as a connection between the physical and spiritual bodies. A "desire to deepen my practice" led to RYT 200 certification in April 2013, a committed practice and a teaching position in September of 2013. Advanced TT followed with RYT500 certification attained through the Yoga H’om program in 2016. Diversified education has led to certifications in Yin yoga and Yoga for Arthritis and continued with workshops with Judith Lassater, Gary Kraftsow, Tiffany Cruikshank, Kino MacGregor and others. I like to spend time at the Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, Va. where I have taken workshops which include Pranayama for Yoga Teachers, Yoga of Recovery,Yoga for Arthritis, and the study of ancient texts.