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Triangle Foundry is the local yoga, cycling, and strength studio serving the Pleasant Hills, Baldwin, Whitehall, Brentwood, West Mifflin, Jefferson Hills, and beyond!

Yoga, Cycling, and Strength Training Classes daily

New Customers try 3 weeks for $69: unlimited in studio & virtual classes, a 30 minute private session, & access to our library of recorded classes!

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Mission Statement

We empower individuals through movement and breath to build connection, community, and confidence. We provide an inclusive, safe, and encouraging space for members to be themselves and explore their practice, whether on a bike or mat, in the studio or from their own home. At Triangle Foundry you are more than just a body in a class, you are part of a community. Learn more here.

Why They Love Triangle Foundry

My workouts before Triangle Foundry were just plain boring. No more…I just love Cycling & Boot Camp! I’m excited about working out again. I highly recommend this warm, friendly & welcoming studio. The staff are always upbeat & so very helpful. They truly want to see you succeed.

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The entire Triangle Foundry staff and members are amazing. The yoga classes are designed for all students, new and returning. The instructors provide adjustments/ modifications so students feel comfortable, yet challenged. Best of all, there is no judgement when I walk into the studio. The instructors are there to ensure you feel strong, confident, and powerful both on and off your mat.

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