Yoga and Meditation classes work on your health and wellness from the inside out. Mindfulness practices may help you manage stress and anxiety better and allow you to connect to your truest self.


Our cardio king! This high intensity fast paced workout will have you sweating in no time. Improve your cardiovascular health and tone your muscles in each ride.


Round out your health with strength training. Keep your body strong and safe in our strength classes.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Flow

An unheated yoga class full of creative sequencing that includes a gentle warm up and peaceful cool down that will leave you feeling strong, invigorated, and relaxed. Class is a moderate pace and includes moving up and down on your mat frequently. All levels welcome.

Yoga Slow Down

A slower unheated yoga class full of creative sequencing that will help you wind down from your work week. Class is a slow pace and includes moving up and down on your mat occasionally.  All levels welcome.

Yoga for Flexibility

A Yin yoga class that focuses on increasing flexibility and mobility by actively stretching your connective tissue. Expect to hold supported yoga shapes for several minutes at a time while focusing on your breath. Class is a very slow pace and includes moving up and down on your mat seldomly. This class is excellent for students new to yoga, but welcome to all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Our restorative classes help to reset your body and mind. Class can include passive stretches, meditation, and myofascial release techniques. Class is an extremely slow/static pace and is completely on the ground.  All levels welcome.


Guided meditation with soft ambient background music.

You do need a mat for classes. Please bring one or you can rent one for $2 (mat included in New Student Special or Unlimited Membership). All yoga classes are 60 minutes unless indicated by 45 in the class title (45 minutes).

Cycling Classes


Indoor cycling classes that feel like dancing on your bike! We use the beat of the music to fuel this high intensity workout focusing on cardio endurance and strength training with the use of resistance.

Just Ride

Get your heart rate pumping as you focus on resistance, cadence, and positions with less choreography. This dynamic class is 45 minutes of cycling to a motivating playlist with a chance to move through all the positions on the bike.

Cycle Booty Burn

Our signature class that mixes our cycle class with high rep body work off the bike. We switch it up with a variety of movements that match the beat of the music, such as squats, lunges, burpees, and more!

Our bikes allow you to wear tennis shoes or cycling SPD compatible cleated shoes. All cycle classes are 45 minutes unless indicated by "Express" in the class title (30 minutes).

Strength Classes


Varied strength training drills in a 45/15 interval style focusing on different areas of your body and muscle groups - quick and sweaty!


Varied strength training drills set to music beats - quick and sweaty!


All strength classes are 30 minutes unless indicated by 45 in the class title (45 minutes).

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