Corporate, Event, and Small Business Services

Whether you're hosting a one time wellness retreat, would like to offer wellness services to your staff on a regular basis, or would like to add a dash of wellness to your event - we have everything you need! You can create a mix of yoga, meditation, sound bath, and reiki to bring life into your organization.

Yoga & Meditation

Invite your team to join yoga and or meditation sessions of 30-90 minutes leaving your group relaxed, rejuvenated, and focused. Yoga sessions can vary from gentle stretching to energetic movement, depending on your needs. We can even provide equipment for up to 30 people.

Sound Bath

Gift your attendees or staff a deep relaxing experience that requires no rigorous movement. Sound bath is an art that works with attendee's brain waves and body to promote restoration and a deep sense of calm. Learn more about what sound baths are here.


Reiki is energy work that can help to promote wellness and relaxation for your team. We offer small group sessions (under 10 people) or individual 10 minute sessions over a larger period of time.

Virtual Options

Provide your remote or multi-city staff access to virtual yoga, strength training, and cycling. We offer access to a library of recorded on-demand classes as well as access to live Zoom classes.

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