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We believe in empowering you to achieve your goals while building confidence. The three main vertices of our triangle are confidence, connection, and community. Dedicate yourself to a consistent routine with us and you'll become the healthiest and happiest version of you in no time.


Our classes and environment are welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. We're here to break down any barriers that come with group classes or new fitness experiences. Everyone is welcome regardless of: race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, political views, body type or size, etc.


The judgement is dropped at the door (whether it's in studio or virtually).


About Us

Our Foundation

A triangle is the strongest geometric shape built of 3 sides and 3 points. We focus on building connection, community, and confidence through yoga, cycling, and strength practices.

Physical exercise, when repeated consistently, builds confidence. By repeating and continuing your own physical and mental practices, you can build confidence. This doesn’t just mean confidence in your physical body and strength, but also mentally and emotionally. We're here for it!

We all all about community! We believe that motivation should come from within, but it’s even more helpful when you have a community supporting you. We create a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community to support you and celebrate your wins as they happen.

We believe that connection starts from within. By connecting to yourself, you are able to know your own physical, mental, and emotional limits. Building a connection to yourself is essential in building strong connections with others. At Triangle Foundry we focus on the connection to your breath and your practice (whether that’s yoga, cycling, or strength). We urge students to stop and listen to their body and mind and to adjust their practice in the moment.

Mission Statement

We empower individuals through movement and breath to build connection, community, and confidence.

We provide an inclusive, safe, and encouraging space for members to be themselves and explore their practice, whether on a bike or mat, in the studio or from their own home. At Triangle Foundry you are more than just a body in a class, you are part of a community.

Karyna Kerin Goldman

Meet the Founder

Karyna’s passion for fitness over the past decade has evolved from a yoga and cycling student, to a yoga and cycling instructor, and now studio owner. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2015 and is currently working towards her 500 hour training. She has trained with Spinning and RealRyder and has been teaching both yoga and cycling since 2015. She believes in the connection, community, and confidence found in both a yoga practice and a consistent cycling routine. Her passion stems from the need to share the benefits and magic of these disciplines with the world.

Karyna’s professional background prior to her fitness career was primarily in the software industry. She graduated from Pitt with a bachelor’s in computer science. When the first Pittsburgh COVID shutdown happened, Karyna combined a decade of software experience and her teaching career to launch our virtual program.

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