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Cycle Teacher Training

This 1 month in depth training will provide you with all the knowledge and experience you need to create and lead amazing cycle classes and make a difference in the lives of your students. It's unlike any other cycle teacher training in Pittsburgh!

Most trainings spend less than 8 hours skimming the surface of some of the things you need to know to provide an impactful experience for you students. Our program is over 40 hours of training.

We know because we've taken those trainings. We've walked out of those doors feeling terrified to lead a class and not sure what to do next.

With our program, you'll step onto the instructor bike knowing that you have everything you need to create an impactful experience for your students. You'll learn to create classes for more than just burning calories - but for the physical and mental changes that you already know cycling can create. Imagine sharing all of that with a room full of students.

Whether you are looking to lead cycle classes in 2023, deepen your connection to your own ride, or build your confidence by understanding the details and dynamics of a cycling class - this training is for you.

Your students are waiting. You are ready for this. Let's go.

Topics to be covered in depth:

  • Anatomy
  • Correct bike setup for individual bodies
  • Proper form, positions, + appropriate RPMs
  • Clear and concise cueing 
  • Variety of movements and drills 
  • Finding your voice, authenticity, & confidence while providing motivation and support
  • Modifications 
  • Music and playlists
  • Structuring your classes
  • Inclusive and body positive language when teaching
  • Business side of being an instructor
  • Creating a connection with your students
  • Marketing your classes
  • Plenty of space for questions and discussion

How we create the instructor in you:

  • Create confidence to lead a cycle class publicly by the end of training
  • Feedback from peers and instructors on your teaching
  • Unlimited classes during training
  • 40+ total hours of training (lecture, labs, homework)
  • 2 in depth weekends
  • Monday & Wednesday evening teaching labs
  • Homework
  • Peer group work and teaching
  • Experience teaching peers and instructors
  • Opportunity to teach at least one public community class
  • Space is limited to ensure each trainee receives individual attention and feedback

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Available until June 30, 2024



  • Friday July 26 6-9pm
  • Saturday July 27 10-2pm
  • Sunday July 28 10-2pm
  • Saturday August 3 10-2pm
  • Sunday August 4 10-2pm

  • Monday July 29 7-9pm
  • Wednesday July 31 6-9pm
  • Monday August 5 7-9pm
  • Wednesday August 7 6-9pm
  • Monday August 12 7-9pm
  • Wednesday August 14 6-9pm
  • Monday August 19 7-9pm (if needed)


Why they've Signed up

Hear from graduated instructors on why they decided to sign up for training.

"For years, I have contemplated enrolling in cycle teacher training (CTT) because of the enjoyment I get from being on the bike.  But I wondered if the quick training would really prepare me to instruct a class and be confident in doing so.  How would I know how to create a class from warm-up to cool down?  How do you set up a bike comfortably for people of all shapes and sizes?  Is my form a good example for those watching so that we’re cycling safely?  Would the investment be worthwhile?  These and many other questions would flood my mind and deterred me from pursuing a program.
When I found out about the CTT being offered by Triangle Foundry (TF), I was instantly interested in learning more.  After reviewing the details and talking further with Karyna, I knew that the TF CTT was different and it was time for me to commit to the program and myself.  Here are some things that stood out and attracted me to take the leap:
  • The program’s structure is conducive to building the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to successfully instruct a class.  I like that the CTT provides a thorough curriculum that covers a variety of topics from anatomy to bike setup to curating a playlist.  We all know the positive difference a knowledgable instructor can make from the moment you walk into the studio, through class, and post-class.
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  • The timing allows for time to truly understand what it takes to be a good instructor while still providing flexibility to fulfill the commitment as part of my normal, busy schedule.
  • Beyond having Karyna, who is an awesome instructor, lead the training, I really like that other members of the TF team will be contributing, too.  Having attended virtual and in-person classes at the studio from several instructors, having them as additional mentors and CTT teachers will be a priceless resource.
  • The opportunity to teach before training is complete is a huge benefit.  This will help to build the confidence that’s crucial to delivering a good and fun class for the instructor and students.
TF’s mission is to build connection, community, and confidence.  Their CTT program is just another example of how they are fulfilling that mission and delivering quality services.  I am thrilled to be able to (finally) pursue CTT with one of the best studios in Pittsburgh.  I look forward to all that I’ll learn and sharing that with others, too."
- Kristyn; a Spring 2022 Graduate