You've taken the first step in a lifelong health and wellness journey with us by landing here.

You might be nervous about trying a new studio or trying out your first group class.

Maybe you've gone to other studios before and felt totally out of place. There was no one in the room that looked like you. The front desk and the instructor didn't seem to notice you're there. You felt alone and left out.

We've been there. That's why we created Triangle Foundry.

A different studio experience.

Start where you are

Feel accepted as soon as you walk through the door

Triangle Foundry is a studio full of students that range in experience level, body size, age, and so many other factors. We don’t expect (or want) you to fit into a certain mold, but rather to show up as you are - lovely and individual!

We focus on building confidence, connections, and community.

We focus on what's important

You, as an individual, matter

We're not focused on what you're wearing, how many followers you have on social media, or the number on your scale. Sure, those things are great and you can still have them. But, without confidence in yourself and a supportive community of friends and family you're missing out on a truly fulfilled life.

We're all about your healthiest, happiest, fullest life.

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Beginner Specific Classes

All of our classes are all levels, which means beginners can drop into any class! If you are looking for classes that are specifically created for extreme beginners though, we have an Intro to Yoga series starting August 30th. You can sign up for these here:

These sessions are half discussion and half movement - questions are encouraged throughout. You'll learn:

  • How to setup for class
  • Equipment/Props used in classes
  • Different movements and shapes you'll see during class
  • What to expect during a class
  • ... and more

Let's chat!

We want to get to know you

We'd love to meet you, learn about what you're looking for in a studio, give you a tour, and answer any questions you have!

Fill out the form here to schedule a 20 minute tour and/or Q&A session with us.


Triangle Foundry is a gem, great place for cycling, yoga and strength with great instructors who make exercising fun and challenging. The staff is welcoming and friendly and the classes are for everyone at any fitness and experience level. The atmosphere is really inspiring and positive all around!


The entire Triangle Foundry staff and members are amazing. The yoga classes are designed for all students, new and returning. The instructors provide adjustments/ modifications so students feel comfortable, yet challenged. Best of all, there is no judgement when I walk into the studio. The instructors are there to ensure you feel strong, confident, and powerful both on and off your mat.


Still not sure?

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