See our schedule of workshops, events, series, and lectures below. Currently, our 2023 Reset Program has open enrollment. By enrolling in the program, you recieve a discount on all offerrings between December 31, 2023 - March 30, 2023 as well as a one on one goal setting and planning session. See more details here.


Friday March 3rd 6:30pm

In this 90-minute backbends workshops, we will cover: benefits of backbending, how to warm up for backbends, common poses with variations, and how to incorporate props into your backbend practice. No experience necessary!


Monday March 20th 7:00pm

Open the windows of your body and mind to let the fresh spring air in. A 90 minute flow class will help you welcome new growth as we move into the next semester: Grow. After class, we'll plant some seeds in a starter pot for you to take home or leave in the studio's grow window.


Sunday March 12th 6:00pm

Lean into the support of restorative yoga shapes while vibrational sound bathes you and your mind. Receive individual reiki from Helena or Lydia.

Sarah Conley - Tarot Readings
Sarah Conley - Tarot Readings


Intro to Tarot Reading

Sunday March 26th 11:30AM

Learn about tarot reading, the differences between decks, how to choose and get to know your deck, and the basics to reading the cards.


Saturday March 11th 11:30am


Weekly Wednesdays 5:30pm
4/5/2023 - 6/28/2023

Join a guided meditation and journaling prompt mid week, each week.

Includes a journal and rotation of meditation guide instructors and methodologies.

Grow Program Pricing:

  • $75 for all 13 sessions
  • $7.50 individually


Weekly Saturdays 8:45am
4/1/2023 - 4/22/2023

Dive into many yoga shapes to learn about the mechanics, alignment, and variations for them. Each week will includes a family of shapes as focus:

  • Standing Shapes (warriors, lunges, chair, etc)
  • Floorwork Shapes (downdog, updog, lotus, bridge, etc)
  • Balancing Shapes (tree, balancing half moon, warrior 3, etc)
  • Grounding Shapes (child's pose, badakonasana, savasana, heros pose, fish, etc)

Finish the series feeling confident and knowledgable in public yoga classes.

Program Pricing:

  • $63.75 for all 4 sessions
  • $18.75 individually


Weekly Thursdays 7:00pm
6/1/2023 - 6/15/2023

Learn what is the correct weight for you for several exercises and how to intelligently increase that weight over time. Each week will cover a portion of the body.

Week One will consist of lecture and learning about:
- How muscles work
- Different types of muscles
- What time under tension is & how you can use it
- The affect of different weight on your muscles

Week Two will consist of you finding the appropriate weight and time under tension for various exercises.

Week Three you will put all your new knowledge to work in a class focused on appropriate weight and time under tension.

You'll feel stronger and more confident knowing when and how to increase your weights after finishing this series.

Program Pricing:

  • $56.25 for all 3 sessions
  • $18.75 individually


Every full and new moon

Learn about each full and new moon. Use the power and potential of the lunar cycles to create and manifest your best life. Expect 30 minutes of movement and 30 minutes of journaling and meditation.

Program Pricing:

  • $97.50 for all 6 sessions
  • $18.75 individually


5 Sundays between April - June @ 7:45pm

Dive into a good read for the length of our program. Once enrolled in this series, participants will vote on a book choice. Book Club meeting can be attended in person or virtually.

Program Pricing: $30


Almost every Friday

45 minutes of sound vibrations to soothe and rebalance your body and mind.

Program Pricing:

  • $18.75 individually


Saturday April 1 2:00pm

Plant some seeds and watch your plants grow in our front window until they are ready for you to transplant into your yard or home grow box. We'll provide the soil, seeds, containers, and sunlight!



Saturday April 8 11:15am

45 minutes of pumping iron bootcamp followed by a planter decorating session! We'll provide the terracotta pots, paint, and various other decorating supplies so you can create a masterpiece to plant a plant of your choice in. Soil and plants will also be provided.



Saturday April 22nd 11:30am

Learn about pranayama (breath control) as it applies in a yoga practice. You'll be introduced to several different types of pranayama and learning their purposes.

This workshop is great for:

  • Beginners
  • Experienced yoga practiniors
  • Yoga Teachers



Learn to Fly: Arm Balances

Saturday May 6 8:15am

Learn to fly by balancing on your arms in a variety of arm balance yoga shapes. This workshop is great for anyone who has never tried an arm balance as you will learn all the safe steps to build the strength to attempt arm balances. No prior arm balance experience is necessary!



Saturday May 13th 10:30am

A 90 minute class that will leave you feeling stronger than ever! 30 minutes of cycling with Holly, 30 minutes of bootcamp with Karyna, and a sweet 30 minute restorative yoga session accompanied by a sound bath.

Finish up by creating your own flower bouquet from The Peddler Pgh.

Perfect for anyone celebrating mothers!



Saturday May 20th 11:30am

Suited well for reiki practitioners of all levels, but open to the general public that feels connected to their energetic body. Circles will provide space for participants to both give and receive reiki from a variety of practitioners.



Yoga Philosphy & Science

Saturday June 10th 11:30am

Learn about the philosophy and science behind the ancient practice of yoga.



Sunday June 11 9:00am

A live 60 minutes DJ ride! Show up early and paint your body with glow paint and glow sticks to prepare for the ultimate party!



Wednesday June 21st 7:00pm

108 Sun Salutations to celebrate the Summer Solstice! The entire flow will be to the backdrop of a sound bath and Reiki will be offered during savasana.



Saturday January 21 8:00am

30 minute cycle express class with Jami to benefit PA Women Work.

Donation: $5 minimum or gently used winter coat



Compassion Yoga Flow

Saturday February 25th 11:25AM

60 minute yoga flow with Nikki to benefit Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary.

Donation: $5 minimum


March TBD

Donation: $5 minimum


April TBD

Donation: $5 minimum

Happy thoughts from past events & series

The Yoga Flow + Effortless Mindfulness workshop with Lydia and Chris was amazing. Not only did I get in a wonderful flow, the workshop introduced me to a completely new type of mindfulness. It nourished my bod any my mind, and gave me a lot to think about going forward. I'd totally take it again!

Yoga Flow + Effortless Mindfulness workshop

Great way to be “present” for a relaxing evening enjoying restorative yoga with Karyna and a multitude of sounds from innumerable instruments used by Karen. The room set up in a semi circle fashion was lovely. Come as you are; everything is provided for you. Nice to see two couples at the event. Glad to hear it will be a regular addition to the schedule.

Restore + Sound Bath Event