2023 is your year

Learn. Cultivate. Create.

3 Semesters. Unlimited opportunity.


December 31 - March 31

Start over again. Reflect on your journey so far. Decide on the direction you want to move.

This winter semester will include:

  • Back to basics series
  • Workshops and events that allow you to reflect on both the past and look to the future
  • Habit forming series and education
  • A deeper understanding to cycles in your life and our world


April 1 - June 30

See your dedication start to blossom. Give yourself space to move into the new spaces you've been exploring.

This spring semester will include:

  • Series that lay deep roots into your workout and practice
  • Exploration of the finer details
  • A nurturing approach to living a healthy lifestyle
  • Opportunity to stretch and strengthen your legs


September 1 - November 30

Gather the benefits of your work. Lean into the warmth of self-love. Prepare to continue your journey.

This fall semester will include:

  • Series to challenge your workout, practice, and mind
  • Events and workshops that focus on self-love
  • A look back into ancient practices
  • A peak into the mystery of metaphysical practices


2By enrolling in the semester you'll receive:

  • Three 45 minute one on ones to focus on goal setting, planning, and achievement with the owner of Triangle Foundry, Karyna
  • A 25% discount on series, events, workshops, and lectures in the semester
  • A 10% discount on private sessions
  • A commitment to your own health and wellness journey in approachable and attainable 3 month chunks
  • A community of individuals working towards their personal goals, right along side you throughout the semester



Learning Lectures





What about summer?

School's out for the summer but that doesn't mean you should pause your journey! We'll bring back our summer challenge as well as some fun events, but there will be no formal semester during July and August.


It's the middle of a semester, how can I join?

You can attend any of the publicly available offerrings during this semester, but you can't enroll in the semester during the middle of it. Open enrollment for the semesters will start before the semester and closes when the semester starts.


Reach out, we'd love to talk!